Men's Select Program

The Allegheny Rugby Union is proud to announce the Men’s Select Side roster for the 2018 Midwest Tournament April 21st in Obetz, Ohio. Thank you to all players who came and tried out for the team and remember this is an evolving and ever changing team, each training session is an opportunity to earn a roster spot for an upcoming match, tournament or tour. Congratulations to the following players!


Front Three:

  • Abe Cone (Pittsburgh Highlanders)
  • Kyle Franklin (Pittsburgh Rugby)
  • Traven Holledreund
  • Andrew Knuttel (Pittsburgh Rugby)
  • Jeff Muha (Pittsburgh Highlanders)


  • Andrew Chapman (Pittsburgh Highlanders)
  • Jason Dotson (Presque Isle)
  • Andrew Gaudish
  • Piers Giles
  • Owen Smalls


  • Brandon Benvenuti (Pittsburgh Highlanders)
  • Alex Clark
  • Eric Cam David (Pittsburgh Highlanders)
  • Brandon Fritzius
  • Rory Hegarty
  • Julian Randall (Pittsburgh Rugby)


  • Jake Bowser
  • Jakob Como (South Pitt)
  • Dominic Marini
  • Devin Zangaro (Pittsburgh Highlanders)


  • Jim Dieterle (South Pitt)
  • Patrick Dobbins (Pittsburgh Highlanders)
  • Cory Hushon (South Pitt)
  • Stephan Patterson (Pittsburgh Rugby)


  • Cameron Breze
  • Maurice Collins (South Pitt)
  • Isaiah Harris

Any questions regarding this team should be directed towards Coach Jason Edsall

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Jason Edsall

Assistant Coach Bill Marnell

Assistant Coach Brian Scanlon

Assistant Coach Aaron Treasler

Meet The Staff

Jason Edsall,

Head Coach

Bill Marnell,

Assistant Coach

Brian Scanlon,

Assistant Coach

Aaron Tressler,

Assistant Coach