Women's Select Program

Bears finish 1-3 at CRC, 11th Overall

Thank you everyone for your support to make this trip happen - see yinz next time!

Meet the Staff

Rebecca Trapp, Head Coach

Angela Smarto, Coach & Manager

Kiyomi Knox, Coach & Manager

Mission Statement

We were explicitly asked to revamp these programs by our membership so we want to seize every opportunity possible to provide challenging rugby to you. We expect that every available player will make efforts to attend so you can get continue to learn and grow in rugby. We provide a range of opportunities in 7s and 15s to all age groups so we can create a cohesive women’s rugby community in our area. We want to see more ARU players excel to the next level and we are committed to providing that pathway.

We want people down to play – so if you’re down to play than we want you.

Women's 15s

Pittsburgh Forge Nickole Burkett throws a fend to Indiana at 2018 Midwest LAU Selects Championships.

Women's 7s

CalU Alex Massari with RMU Destiny Smith break away at 2018 NSCRO 7s.

High School 15s

Moon Area Brooke Crago brings down throw at 2018 Midwest Youth Rugby Tournament.

Congratulations to Alex Massari for being selected to the 2019 NSCRO 7s All Tournament team! Alex was also selected to the NSCRO Select 7s team traveling to the infamous Las Vegas Invitational!

Check out the replays from our matches at the NSCRO Women's Rugby YouTube Channel

Watch our match against the Capital GU Developmental team from Sunday January 27, 2019 produced by Next Level Rugby

Click here to watch the match