SafeSport & Discipline

Keep your members safe

SafeSport is the set of resources, courses and the place where any member or participant would report abuse or misconduct of any kind. Started by the US Olympic Committee, USA Rugby utilizes Safesport to ensure our membership and participants are protected and have a place to report any kind of issues, abuse or misconduct. The SafeSport policies and requirements fall to all of our affiliate organizations as well, so we want to make sure you are equipped with the most up to date and applicable information.

USA Rugby has provided this resource folder for clubs to review USA Rugby Safesport resources and procedures.

At the USA Rugby SafeSport website you can access SafeSport modules, policies, and misconduct reporting. No member of the rugby community will subject to bullying, harassment, or hazing of any kind. Misconduct instances can be reported on this website to be reviewed by USA Rugby Administration.

The Allegheny Rugby Union is in full support of USA Rugby’s commitment to make rugby a safe sport both on and off the field.

ARU Disciplinary Code

The ARU has a comprehensive discipline code adopted at our 2015 AGM. Our Disciplinary Committee handles union discipline enforcement.

Brian Thoma, ARU VP and Committee Chair

Renee Whittenberger, Senior Women Rep

Hudnell Caldwell, Senior Men Rep

Silver Dorsa, College Women Rep

Patrick Feitt, Referee Rep